Turn data into knowledge

We help you optimise your marketing spend, increase engagement and achieve competitive edge. We design models and algorithms for your complex business challenges to extract maximum value from your data.

Data consultancy

What are your business challenges? We perform a healthcheck of your data to address your specific issues, assess and advise on next steps.

  • Data discovery
  • Situational reporting
  • Strategic planning and roadmap

Predictive modelling

Predict how likely each person is to stay with your brand and make purchases. Monitor and track behavioural activity.

  • Propensity models (churn, purchase, customer lifetime value)
  • Recommendation engines
  • Attribution modelling
  • Dynamic segmentation

Profusion lab

Innovation is in our DNA. Understand your target market, consumer motivations and what their needs are.

  • Bespoke models (price optimisation, store locator and demand forecasting)
  • Wearables and IOT

Optimise your marketing spend

The big question marketeers ask us is: “How do we target people more effectively?” You have budgets for advertising, email drives, pay-per-click campaigns and above-the-line marketing. To identify the optimal mix, the holy grail is ‘attribution modelling’ around:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are they going to buy?
  • If they leave, how will you win them back?

Applying data and analytics, we reveal the health and dynamics of your customer base. You’ll see who is most engaged, valuable, at risk of leaving or open to behavioural nudges, and learn which products to recommend to who and when. We can see how much each marketing channel is adding to sales.

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Drive results from day one

What if you could put your data through statistical mathematical models that drive results from day one? We know how to handle the data we assimilate, to extract meaningful insights about customer experience. Using this knowledge, we help you communicate with your customers authentically by crafting stories that match their exact lifestyle needs. This activates highly personalised experiences.

Explore data science client stories

Impact statements

Technology and academic partners

We partner with Adobe Campaign, Sisense and Redpoint, and will integrate with any system of your choice.

Data science team

It’s when wrestling with challenges together that the greatest ideas happen. So we create the kind of space where our data scientists can freely debate and agree the best approach to a client’s problem.

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